What’s SK-Clean?

SK-Clean is a project conducted by the EFCI. It’s full name is “SK-Clean: Digitalisation in the cleaning sector. Supporting the skills transition for cleaning agents.” The project will reunite the sector’s training experts from across Europe to identify the key challenges and best practices to accompany the industry through a successful digital transition. It will run between February 2020 and February 2022.

SK-Clean is co-founded by the European Commission under its programme Support for Social Dialogue of DG EMPL.

If your organisation is interested in contributing to the project, please contact EFCI’s Secretariat.

How and what will SK-Clean consist of?

Main objectives

Enhancing social dialogue on skills and training to support the sector in the digital transition.

Main actions
  • Mapping the existing VET and training systems for the sector across the EU
  • Identify the digitalisation impact in skills and training of cleaning agents
  • Raise awareness on the differences and needs in the training systems in the cleaning sector and provide the necessary tools for excellence training
Main outcomes
  • Support the industry to overcome the risk of an unequal digital transition
  • Provide tools to accompany employers, unions and training institutions
  • Provide tools for policymakers, training institutions and industry associations
  • Foster Social Dialogue
Timeline 14 February Kick-off date July (TBC) Expert Group meeting in Bruz Spring 2021 (TBC) E xpert Group meeting in Vienna Summer 2021 (TBC) Final conference (Rennes, France) (Austria) 31 March Online Expert Group meeting 5 September (TBC) Online Expert Group meeting Summer 2021 (TBC) Online Expert Group meeting


Due to the current public health situation, the Expert Group meetings have been postponed until a safe decision can be made.

Will take place in the Campus de Ker Lann of the Institut National de l’Hygiène et du Nettoyage Industriel  (INHNI – National institute for the industrial cleaning and hygiene), the training institution of the Fédération des Entreprises de Propreté (Federation of cleaning companies)

Will take place in the  Gebäudereinigungsakademie (Academy for the building cleaning), the training institution of the Bundesinnung der chemischen Gewerbe und der Denkmal-, Fassaden- und Gebäudereiniger (Federal guild of the chemical industry and the monument, facade and building cleaners)

SK-Clean in the news

For more information about SK-Clean, please read our press releases or contact the EFCI Secretariat

Project co-funded by the Support for Social Dialogue programme of the European Commission, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.